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The Envelope and Print Division of Tension Corporation Offers Expanded Products and Services 

Friday, March 17, 2023, KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Tension Corporation, a global leader in envelope products, packaging and packaging automation solutions, launched the new division name for its Envelope Division. The new name, the Envelope and Print Division of Tension Corporation, reflects the growing line of printed products and print services available for customers. 

The expanded offerings have become a key part of the company’s growth. With the recent acquisition of a printing facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, it became apparent that Tension developed even further its printed products and print services. The King of Prussia location and assets allow Tension to vertically integrate several of its product offerings. 

“Over its 137-year history, the Tension Corporation has always adapted to the ever-changing market and meeting the needs of our customers,” said President and CEO Bill Berkley. “We are excited to offer more printed products and print services alongside our envelopes. The division rename reflects that capacity and more accurately highlights Tension’s advanced product mix.” 

With its increased capacity, Tension will further its established leadership in the envelope provider space by producing and selling materials that travel in envelopes. The addition of more print goods will serve customers who prefer to work with fewer buyers.  

Toby Reed, vice president of sales and marketing, said, “Being able to offer not only envelopes, but also the other printed elements, makes Tension a more valuable supply chain partner to our customers. Tension now offers the marketplace a more complete product and service offering.” 

In addition to the billions of envelopes it manufactures each year, Tension prints and produces products such as continuous forms, folded inserts, buck slips, booklets, folded self-mailers, postcards, and more.  

More information about products and services from the Envelope and Print Division of Tension Corporation can be found online throughout tension.com.  

About Tension 

A global leader in envelope, printed products, packaging and packaging automation solutions, the Tension Corporation is a privately held and operated company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Tension manufactures billions of envelopes annually and its envelope and print division serves a variety of industries, including third-party billing, financial, insurance and direct marketing. The packaging and automation division of Tension provides software, consumables, automation, service and support for fulfillment to the e-commerce and pharmacy industries.