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PostCom Daily Feed

PostCom website maintained by the Association for Postal Commerce, or PostCom. A robust website with mailing news and updates from around the globe.

PostCom is a national association of businesses and organizations that use or support the use of mail as a medium for business communication and commerce. It represents members on matters pertaining to the development and implementation of postal policies and operations. On behalf of its members, PostCom works before the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Postal Service, the Postal Service's Board of Governors, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and all other federal agencies that can influence postal policies and operations.

PostCom members include those who are associated with large postal bills and/or extensive shipping needs.  This organization has great influence in Washington with postal policy makers.  Originally established in 1947 to give business mailers a voice in Washington, PostCom's goal then and mtoday stands true: assuring the needs of the nation's business mailing community are no overlooked but met.  The mailing industry remains as one of the largest job sector's in the United States, with more than 9 million jobs and $900 billion in goods and services tied to it annually.  PostCom seeks to support the large and economically important mailing industry and its components.

PostCom publishes the PostCom Bulletin newsletter each week.  This publication is regarded in Washington postal circles as "the association for postal communication and commerce" and is known as a comprehensive and timely source of national and international postal news. PostCom Bulletin readers include members of the US Congress, congressional staffs, Postal Regulatory Commissioners, the Postmaster General, all USPS officers, and by postal officials at other levels as a source of postal news and shaper of postal opinion.                                    

PostCom also offers a variety of benefits to its members:

  • PostCom Web Site: the #1 news source in the mailing industry
  • PostCom Bulletin: industry-leading weekly publication sent out to the entire industry
  • Postal Podcasts: audio recordings on vital topics
  • PostOps Update: news on the latest postal operations
  • Executive Summary: special analysis prepared for key decision makers within member firms
  • Education Webinars: updates and education on the hottest topics facing the industry

To learn more, visit postcom.org.