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What You Want, When You Need It

Centralize, customize and control your company’s print-on-demand needs with ease. Tension Direct’s technology provides your business with a web-to-print solution that combines the advantage of on-demand printing with ease of single-source fulfillment.

With Tension Direct’s print-on-demand solution, you have a personalized, online catalog of materials such as letterhead, business cards, envelopes and brochures. Approved users order what they want, when they need it.

Print on Demand: Short Runs, Personalization

Print on demand is good business with great benefits. It is ideal for ordering short-run quantities of your frequently-ordered material, such as personalized stationery or business cards. Items can be ordered in quantities as low as one, especially useful for personalized or specialized materials.

On-demand printing is also ideal for your frequently used marketing brochures and info sheets that do not require personalization. Because finished product is sent directly to the end user, no internal resource is required to pick-n-pack the material.

Streamlined Marketing Resource Management

Marketing resource management takes time. You may have multiple users, different locations and several print vendors, which can challenge your brand standards. Cost management becomes more challenging each time you discard obsolete material.

Marketing departments spend significant time on administrative efforts. Watching inventory levels, tracking expenses, reordering printed material, and shipping material to sales associates are just some of the activities. On-demand printing helps alleviate the administrative burden on your marketing department.

Multiple Users, Multiple Benefits

Tension Direct’s print-on-demand solution saves you time, money and hassle.

  • End users order what they want when they need it, eliminating time-consuming or inefficient ordering processes.
  • Marketing controls adherence to branding standards and selects what and how material can be personalized.
  • Procurement can easily manage costs and control spending.

Print on Demand Makes It Easy

With print on demand, reprints are easy – no more uploading PDFs multiple times.

  • Orders from any location at any time while you maintain centralized control of the entire process.
  • You uphold your brand standards and are able to track usage and spending easily.
  • Only approved materials, some with templates allowing for personalization, are included in your own personal, online catalog.

Tension Direct: Right for Your Business

Tension Direct is ideal for businesses with multiple locations like banks, insurance companies, real estate agencies and companies with national sale forces. It is also popular with universities or hospitals where individual departments are ordering from different printers, compromising brand standards and company image.

Companies where printed material is ordered by multiple users, or who need a more efficient procurement process for print-on-demand products, can benefit from Tension Direct. With its wide range of products, let Tension Direct streamline your marketing resource management.