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Business Continuity Plan

Tension’s comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) allows for business to continue in the event of a disruption. The BCP hinges on Tension’s ability to shift work between our facilities should the need arise. With the same equipment and tooling at each plant, we can move jobs seamlessly from plant to plant.

Our BCP focuses on the areas of information systems, manufacturing capabilities, raw materials and Associates.

Information Systems

  • Tension utilizes a corporate-wide ERP system (JD Edwards), which allows information to be moved seamlessly and electronically from plant to plant. It provides maximum flexibility and minimizes any interruption of service.
  • All electronic transactional and production files, as well as electronic artwork for negative output, are backed up daily and stored offsite.

Manufacturing Capabilities       

  • Tension’s network across the country has more than 50 high-speed web presses, allowing for the redistribution of work when necessary.
  • Common machinery platform at all plants allows for the manufacturing of identical products from plant to plant.
  • A journaling process establishes transaction sequences of jobs-in-progress and can be reconstructed quickly.
  • Warehousing can occur in multiple facilities across the country to minimize exposure to any unforeseen disaster.

Raw Materials

  • Tension uses common raw materials between all plants, further eliminating any variability in the product produced and delivered.
  • Critical raw material and supplies can be replaced through our network of primary and secondary vendors, as well as from supplies stored in other Tension plants.


  • Tension’s adjusters participate in corporate-wide training, which leverages our Continuous Improvement and Lean Sigma processes, driving consistency from plant to plant.
  • Production personnel are cross-trained so that they can provide backup in their home plant, or travel to another plant when needed.