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On Aug. 17, our Tension Fort Worth manufacturing and sales center welcomed the Greater Dallas Postal Customer Council (GDPCC) and Forth Worth PCC (FWPCC) for a tour of our plant.  More than 50 people, including 13 companies and a group from the USPS’s marketing team, attended.  It was a successful, enjoyable day as all were able to come together, share ideas and network among a diverse yet like-minded group of people.

What is a PCC?

A Postal Customer Council, or PCC, is a resource for anyone who is associated with the mailing industry. Local PCCs, such as the GDPCC, allow for communication to flow from mailers to the USPS and vice versa, often helping to solve local issues. As an active member of a PCC, you have opportunities to meet with mailers and discuss everything from how you utilize mail, postal information and best practices for profitable mailings.  PCCs work with our mailing community partners and the USPS as a liaison on understanding postal promotions or what is working in the mail today.  

Local Success Leads to National Recognition

Working with my local GDPCC has been an incredibly valuable personal experience. I’ve served as a Director on the Board for the past two years, and believe our GDPCC plays a significant role in providing key information to mailers across Texas. We’ve been so successful in our efforts that we were named 2015 PCC of the Year!  PCCs can serve as a forum to help share information, gain skills through educational conferences or bootcamps, and the networking opportunities are second to none. Aside from the benefits of new relationships and customers, overall our reach has truly impacted the mailing industry for the better. 

Get Involved, Take it to the Top

I strongly encourage you to get involved with your local PCC, and for the greatest impact, get involved at the leadership level. The board members of our GDPCC each head their own committee, and we treat every event with a hands-on approach to leadership as a group. Next month, the GDPCC and FWPCC will host this year’s National PCC Day & Mail Solutions Showcase, and we are honored and excited to have CEO/Postmaster General Megan Brennan and Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos join us for this event on Thursday, Sept. 22.  It is sure to be another productive day, and I look forward to the future achievements of our GDPCC for the benefit of the entire mailing industry.