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In Sales, when discussing with potential new customers who exactly Tension is, it often comes up that we have been in business for more than 132 years – that our company is in its 4th generation of family ownership. Or that Tension has more envelope patents for unique customer solutions than the rest of the envelope manufacturing community combined.

Envelope Manufacturer and Printed Products Experts

But the reality behind all of those amazing facts is that not one of them would be possible without our knowledgeable and skilled Associates. As an example, Tension was recently honored by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) in their annual Excellence in Flexography Awards. Honored with both a gold and silver award for our envelope print submissions in the Envelope, Line, Uncoated Paper category, Tension showed very well. The print awards we earn from the FTA provides validation to our customers of our company’s commitment to quality. But the business doesn’t earn those accolades without the Associates who mix the ink, make the plates, register the plates, and ensure the envelope is printed impeccably. That is the effort of our Associates.

Industry Leadership

Likewise, when an individual like Lon Robinson, our Director of Research and Development, is honored by the FTA and inducted into their Hall of Fame, Tension’s reputation is emboldened. Customers and the industry alike view Tension as a leader in part because of Lon’s personal contributions to the industry. Or when our chairman Bert Berkley is named to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum’s advisory board, or Bill Berkley, our President and CEO, is honored with the Chairman’s Award from the EMA, Tension’s standing in the business community gets further elevated.

When influential associations in our industry recognize the contributions of our Associates, it bolsters our company’s reputation. It helps us cement our position in the industry as a leader. And that is exactly who Tension is: a company that is the industry leader because of the skills and talents of our Associates. That has been our “secret sauce” since the beginning and I don’t expect a recipe change any time in the near future.

Tension Corporation has provided innovative solutions for our customers for generationsContact us today to learn more about our “secret sauce” and how it can help boost your mail campaign.