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July 19, 2013

Tension Packaging & Automation is introducing Tension Pharmashelve shelving systems for pharmacies, enabling them to expand their inventory within the same space they are already using. TensionScan selection devices for efficient product picking are also being introduced.

Introducing Pharmashelve

The fully modular, easy-to-install Pharmashelve units increase stock-holding capacity and picking efficiency. Angled pullout shelves give technicians a bird’s eye view of all of each product at one time, making it easy to pick, clean, keep inventory and place new product behind existing inventory. This facilitates first-in, first-out (FIFO) methods while decreasing the potential of having expired drugs in inventory.

Pharmashelve’s pullout shelves allow technicians full access to the back of each shelf for more accurate order filling. They also allow pharmacies to have multiple drugs in the same facing. Multiple bar-coded med names can reside beneath the front facing, indicating that additional meds are in the same space behind the other med. For easy access and increased retail sales, the facing the customer (patient), technician or pharmacist sees will be a frequent-use med.

Drawer dividers allow storage of 750 to 1,000 units per standard shelf. Improved efficiency prevents missed picks, and allows more time for patient consultations and Medication Therapy Management.

Pharmashelve options include standard, half and back-to-back bays. Pharmacies can then customize the installation by adding drawers, preparation tables, workstations, carousels, monitors, lighting, lockable storage, freestanding units, dividers and accessories.

The flexible Pharmashelve system adapts to any size operation ranging from small independent walk-up pharmacies to nationwide chains, hospitals, central-fill, mail-order and specialty pharmacies. All units are ergonomically designed for technicians’ comfort and efficiency.

Introducing TensionScan

The TensionScan hand-held selection device and verification systems integrate with Pharmashelve units, and can be tailored for each pharmacy to improve its routing for rapid stock identification, picking and verification.

The portable device carries the specifications and “address” of each product in inventory. For each order the device reviews the addresses and provides the most efficient route for selection and picking. At each stop the technician uses barcode scanning to instantly validate that the correct product was selected. Order picking is paperless, with delivery documents available once picking is completed.

Real-time updates monitor inventory, alert the staff on when to replenish stock and check on any variations.

About Tension Corporation
Tension Packaging & Automation provides pharmacy-automation solutions for mail-order, central-fill, walk-up and specialty pharmacies. From design/build through integration, Tension creates customer-specific solutions using proprietary systems and field-tested equipment. Tension Corp. has headquarters in Kansas City, Mo.; manufacturing operations in Longmont, Colo.; and regional sales offices across the United States and Asia. Visit www.tensionautomation.com or call 855-763-7275, Ext. 4101.

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