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June 15, 2010

Tension Envelope Corporation, a nationwide multi-plant envelope manufacturer, has announced that the Company has entered a licensing agreement with ecoEnvelopes, an environmentally-driven organization and developer of proprietary reusable envelopes. With this agreement, Tension becomes a preferred national licensee of ecoEnvelopes, and the two companies will work together to increase the availability and expand the selection of two-way mailing products for large-volume envelope users.

Tension Envelope has been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of two-way envelopes, introducing its first reusable products over 50 years ago. The well-known Send-‘n-Return envelope was patented in 1986 and still serves eco-conscious customers today. The company continues to work with mailers to develop and test reusable envelope configurations well-suited to today’s highest speed inserters. According to President and CEO Bill Berkley, Tension has “made and sold billions of two-way envelope styles over the years, while always looking to update and expand our innovative product lines.”

Founded in 2002, ecoEnvelopes has been a champion of the environment as well as an innovator of sustainable mail. Styles developed by the company have involved working directly with the Postal Service to enhance postal regulations and key standards to provide more design flexibility for environmentally friendly, two-way products.

EcoEnvelopes founder Ann DeLaVergne commented, “This new licensing partnership combines Tension’s creative, technical, and manufacturing expertise with our conservation platform and design advances.” DeLaVergne noted, “Tension is a great company with a first-rate creative and management team, engineering and manufacturing capability, and a strong sales organization. Our collaboration is a win-win for business and the environment.”

Tension’s long history of environmentally-sound business practices includes national recognition for its company-wideReduce, Reuse, and Recycle initiatives, which include long-term comprehensive programs aimed at saving resources and conserving energy at every level of operation. “Over the years Tension has established a solid record of product solutions that work through the mailing process and benefit the environment by conserving resources,” said Berkley. “This new relationship brings additional choices for our customers, and we are very pleased to join forces with ecoEnvelopes in this endeavor.”

About Tension Envelope

Tension Envelope (www.tensionenvelope.com) is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of envelope products, selling directly to companies and organizations across the U.S.A. Tension manufactures many of the envelopes you see and handle every day, servicing the financial, direct mail, photo finishing, utility, packaging and other industries. Products range from standard styles/sizes to specialty envelopes, some created for unique mailing or packaging purposes. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Tension produces over 11 billion envelopes a year with plants, distribution, and sales/service offices from coast to coast. Tension also operates plants in China, Taiwan, and Australia.

About ecoEnvelopes

EcoEnvelopes LLC (www.ecoEnvelopes.com) is an environmental company that designs and licenses proprietary reusable envelopes and mailing solutions that reduce mail costs and benefit the environment. EcoEnvelopes mail solutions are manufactured exclusively on certified papers from managed forests with up to 100% post consumer recycled content. USPS approved, ecoEnvelopes operate on existing high-speed insertion and postal processing equipment. The company’s innovative products meet the growing desire of corporations, organizations and consumers to be more responsible and contribute to environmental stewardship.