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June 15, 2016

A Simple Program to Increase Funds from Employer Matching Gifts

(Kansas City, MO) –

An estimated $6-10 billion in corporate matching funds are left unclaimed each year. Gift Lift can help nonprofits and educational institutions make it easy for their donors to take advantage of employer matching gift opportunities.

Working with a trusted partner, Tension appends employer data to a database of an organization’s existing donors. This file will be compared to a list of employers who are known to match employee gifts.

“Most importantly, Gift Lift is a streamlined process that doesn’t create additional work for already overburdened development teams,” said Mike Desmarais, Regional Manager.

The deliverable to nonprofits is a clean, quality list of donors currently employed by companies who will match their charitable contributions. At this stage, Tension can manage the production, printing and mailing of a personalized direct mail appeal that includes the matching gift forms of each respective donor’s employer along with a convenient return envelope.

Tension is prepared to handle every step of the process from start to finish for nonprofits that participate in Gift Lift. From the creation and design of the mailpiece, even the copy.

Gift Lift enables nonprofits and educational institutions to start dialogues with existing donors about the effectiveness of a fundraising campaign when all resources are considered.  In this case, it’s a simple matching gift donation form provided by Gift Lift through the use of business intelligence.  Gift Lift has the potential to boost matching gifts by large percentages, and in a way that promotes respectful donor stewardship and improved donor relations.  

 “We’re excited about this new program and the potential it has to help nonprofits and educational institutions capture more matching gift dollars,” Toby Reed, Vice President, Sales and Marketing concluded.

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