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Mail continuously outperforms other communications in key areas. When it comes to transactional mail specifically, data suggests that people almost always open it. But of course, that’s only half the battle. Whether your message is read and acted on depends on several factors. Brand recognition, credibility and intrigue are just a few things to consider. Luckily, mail has the upper hand when it comes to all of them.  

One report found that people spend an average of 2 to 3 minutes reading transactional mail versus 15 to 20 seconds reading a transactional email. It’s likely that these results are even more promising for mailers who find creative and diverse ways to engage their audiences.  

Tension products like the TEN Groove envelope, with its tactile and visual appeal, can help make an instant impression. Vertically grooved envelopes grab attention and increase the likelihood that a mailpiece will be opened. This is the reason why some transactional mailers use TEN Groove to mail bills after previously unsuccessful attempts to collect on payment. 

During the TEN Groove envelope production process, a special attachment is used to create a pattern of vertically embossed channels or grooves in the mailpiece—either a #10 business envelope or #9 return envelope. The result is a texture similar to corrugated cardboard that gives mailers the ability to stand out and possibly qualify for the Tactile, Sensory and Interactive (TSI) Promotion from the USPS®

The TSI Promotion* encourages mailers to tap into their audience’s senses by incorporating innovative materials in their mailings, such as specialty inks, interactive elements, and sensory treatments like the vertically grooved embossing on a TEN Groove envelope. Tension’s TEN Groove envelope could be eligible for this promotion, which can earn mailers a 5%* discount—but you must submit your design to USPS for approval to qualify for the promotion. 

New advances in papers, inks and techniques are driving exciting changes, and the USPS is providing enticing incentives to test them out. Tension offers several custom embossed envelope options. The Tension Design Group, our expert internal graphic design team, is skilled at helping mailers select the right product and design to capture their audience’s attention.  

usps promo 2024 cover

Tension is offering an easy-to-read overview of the USPS promotions, highlighting approved mailpieces, available discounts and more. Click the image to the right to download. Full program requirements are available on USPS’ website, click the link here for details.

*The Tactile, Sensory and Interactive promotion runs from February 1 – July 31, 2024. Contact us or visit the USPS website to learn more. 

*It is mandatory, and up to the customer, to get all envelope designs approved by the USPS in order to qualify for the promotional discounts.  

Want to learn more? Contact us today to learn about the TSI promotion, attract more attention with the TEN Groove envelope and drive better results through memorable tactile experiences.  

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