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One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.  

What do Tension Direct, Toyota and fast food restaurants have in common? It’s not a trick question: each approaches reducing waste and decreasing turnaround time through continuously improving their manufacturing processes. Toyota’s process from decades ago was referred to as just-in-time manufacturing, today’s similar processes are lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Tension’s print on demand service, Tension Direct, embraces lean manufacturing philosophies. Ordering “What You Want, When You Need It,” helps reduce inventories and wasted product. With Tension Direct, end users order the products they need. Usually these products are in small quantities and demand short turnaround times. The order is delivered directly to their door.

What is Tension Direct?

Tension Direct is a personalized online catalog of your marketing materials, including items like letterhead, business cards, envelopes and brochures. With Tension’s easy and quick set-up, your employees can order customized materials through your dedicated website. Tension ships the printed materials directly to them.

You provide the templates, we deliver best-in-class printing.

Tension Direct Benefits

Tension’s print on demand service can:

  • Free up your time: You upload your material once and allow fellow employees to order their own material as needed.
  • Deliver high quality products: Brand standards and print specifications are locked-in under your guidance.
  • Reduce obsolete inventory: Excess material does not sit in a storage room.
  • Easy reporting and budget control: Create customizable reports and multiple payment options.

Who Needs Tension Direct?

Tension Direct is ideal for companies that need to purchase printed material frequently and in small quantities. The ability to create personalized marketing materials, including postcards and direct mail, is especially useful to large sales groups.

Want More Information?

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