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New Updates to Informed Delivery®

Informed Delivery is an optional, free feature that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds to create an innovative experience for consumers. Informed Delivery is now available to eligible residential consumers in the majority of ZIP Codes across the country! USPS is excited about the reception of Informed Delivery: 95% of respondents to a July 2017 survey indicated they are very satisfied or satisfied with the feature, and 95% check their notifications every day or almost every day.

In September, Informed Delivery and My USPS were integrated into one feature and can now both be accessed via the Informed Delivery dashboard. The new dashboard is designed to give consumers secure and convenient access to the mail and package features on which they already depend. Individual tabs in the dashboard help consumers manage both mailpiece images and package notifications. For items with USPS Tracking, users will be able to view delivery status, provide delivery instructions, manage their notifications, and schedule a redelivery from the dashboard. Informed Delivery is now the single point of entry for users to view notifications for both their mail and packages from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Existing Informed Delivery users needing assistance can click on the “support” links either in their online dashboard or at the bottom of their email notification (i.e., Daily Digest). Informed Delivery users may also access a live chat agent online if they need assistance. The chat widget icon appears at the bottom right corner of their online Informed Delivery dashboard.

If you are not yet an Informed Delivery user visit informeddelivery.usps.com and sign up.

Source: USPS Industry Alert email dated October 27, 2017