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April 27, 2010

Tension Envelope has received trademark registration approval for the Hot Note(R) envelope style from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The envelope behind the name is a unique marketing product with a self-stick note built into the face of the envelope. Called the Hot Note, this device has the characteristics of a traditional sticky note, but it is constructed as part of the envelope, rather than being applied as a separate piece. The Hot Note is perforated for easy removal, and once detached, it can be retained as a self-standing note, attachable to any convenient surface, such as a refrigerator, computer monitor, or calendar.

Mailers and marketers can use the Hot Note Envelope in dozens of ways that suit their promotional or informational needs and requirements. The note can be printed with any type of message, and it can be customized or personalized for any purpose.

Most importantly, Hot Note is an innovative product that provides new ways to boost readership, improve response, and extend promotional life.

Tension Envelope Corporation, with over 120 years experience as a leader in the envelope industry, now offers this exciting new envelope from a nationwide network of plants and sales/service offices. Several styles are available as blanks for imprint, as well.