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“Envelope Basics: Flaps” is part of an occasional series titled “Envelope Basics” that provides an in-depth look at all-things envelopes – elements, measurements, ordering tips and more.*

Envelope flaps are located on the back of an envelope and are folded to secure the inner contents. There are a variety of envelope flaps available, and each can be custom designed according to your mail project’s needs.

Here’s an overview of some common and not-so-common flap styles:

Common Flap Styles

Straight – Straight or square flaps have a clean design with a straight-edge flap. Ideal for envelopes with graphics printed across the entire back of the envelope, the straight flap is the most common envelope flap style.

Commercial – A commercial flap is a common bowed or contoured flap with angled shoulders and a scooped throat, offering premium, high-speed inserter performance. Tension’s Performance Plus™ envelopes feature a commercial flap.

comercial envelope flap

Bankers – A longer, bowed or contoured flap that contributes to the elegance of a bank envelope.

bankers envelope flap

Wallet – A straight flap envelope designed with an extra-long, deep flap and wide-gummed area. Wallet flap envelopes are used primarily by banks and investment firms, as they offer reliable document protection.

wallet envelope flap

Not-So-Common Flaps

Reverse – Reverse flaps are designed so the flap is at the bottom fold when the envelope is oriented to properly read text on the face of the envelope.

reverse envelope flap

Remittance – A straight, deep flap that extends almost to the bottom of the envelope. These large flaps can be printed on the inside and used as a form for collecting important information that can be sealed and hidden for sending.

remittance envelope flap

Bangtail – A bangtail envelope features an extra “tail” flap that is printed as a form and perforated along the top of the envelope’s back panel. This design allows users to tear it off, fill out the information and place this “tail” flap back into the envelope for sending.

bangtail envelope flap

Baronial or Announcement – Two diagonal lines come together to create a pointed V-shaped flap, and commonly feature diagonal side seams. The baronial envelope has a deep-pointed flap and is popular for use on greeting cards and social stationery. This style is not recommended for printing or automatic insertion.

baronial envelope flap

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*This blog is intended for informational purposes only. Exact envelope and/or inserter specifications should be discussed in detail with your Sales Representative.