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June 13, 2017

Custom Direct Mail Options for Gift Lift™ Gift Matching Program

Kansas City, Mo. – Tension Corporation recently announced new direct mail options for its Gift Lift™ gift matching program. These new options offer nonprofit and educational institutions a personalized approach to fundraising through variable printing.

The Gift Lift™ service provides clean lists of donors currently employed by companies who will match their charitable contributions. This includes the production, printing and mailing of a personalized direct mail piece that features a matching gift form along with a return envelope. Now, the direct mail component is available in either a #10 envelope or 6×9 envelope appeal package. It includes variable address printing, a personalized direct mail insert with return slip, a matching gift form and a “freemium” insert such as a car sticker or note pad with the recipient’s name.

“It’s a turnkey approach to fundraising that employs both digital intelligence and the response power of a personalized direct mail piece,” said Karen Loggia, Director of Marketing.

“Gift Lift’s data-driven approach creates highly personalized direct mail pieces, which leads to higher response reates. Overall, this lends development teams a modern way to fundraise,” added Mike Desmarais, Regional Manager.

Tension is an established industry leader and has been providing customers with direct mail solutions for decades. The Gift Lift gift matching program extends that foundation of innovation and creativity to nonprofit and educational customers seeking a data-driven, custom and centralized approach to fundraising.

About Tension

Tension Corporation, a privately owned and operated company based in Kansas City, Missouri, is a global leader in envelope products and packaging & automation solutions. The envelope division serves a wide variety of industries including financial, insurance and direct marketing, and works with third party providers directly. Founded in 1886, Tension produces billions of envelopes annually and has regional plants and offices throughout the country and the world. Visit www.tensionenvelope.com for more information.