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Email hack. Security breach. Identity theft.

These events have become commonplace in our Information Age, giving rise to an entire industry of cyber security and data protection services such as LifeLock and IDShield. Consumers (and their Social Security numbers) have become targets for data thugs, which may be why traditional forms of communication such as direct mail have earned their trust over digital alternatives.

Mailers who send confidential or sensitive information can build even greater trust with their customers in how they send the information.

Good Security: No-nonsense Flap Design

You’ve seen the movies where someone holds an envelope seal over steaming, boiling water to loosen the flap? While this trick may not always work, there’s a better way to secure your mail contents. Envelopes can be designed with tamper-proof, perforated seal flaps that open only when the perforated portion is removed. This is a sure-fire way to let your recipients know if their mail has been messed with, and can act as a deterrent for mail snoops.

Better Security: Custom Tint Designs

Security tints, or patterned, opaque printing on the inside of the envelope, can be incorporated for added security. Custom security tints are also available. Mailers who seek branding opportunities can even include a step-and-repeat logo design as the tint, communicating brand security to the mail recipient.

Best Security: Durable Envelope Options

In addition to the flaps, envelopes can also be constructed with durable papers to help increase mail security. Both Protec and Tyvek® envelopes are made with moisture-and-tear resistant paper. As a bonus, these envelope options still provide mailers with printable surfaces and lightweight construction for cost-effective mailings, and are recyclable.

Help give your customers peace of mind by sending mailpieces equipped with protective design features. While no methods are full-proof, talk to your Tension Sales Associate to learn more about ways to protect you and your customers.